Custom scatter_shape

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Custom scatter_shape

Post by brunofelt » 18 Jul 2019, 16:17

it's possible to create a custom scatter_shape? I'm using a custom UI plot and the simUI.addCurve function to create a curve, but in the scatter_shape of curve_options only allow to use some restricts shapes. ... tter_shape
I want to create a shape that can I pass the impression of angle, so for example instead of the curve_options to be called with the parameter "{}"
I want to call with something like this {scatter_shape=create_custom_shape(angle)}.
Where create_custom_shape is a function that returns a scatter_shape.


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Re: Custom scatter_shape

Post by fferri » 19 Jul 2019, 08:37

CustomUI plugin does not support custom scatter shapes.

You need to modify the plugin to call void QCPScatterStyle::setCustomPath(const QPainterPath &customPath) or void QCPScatterStyle::setPixmap(const QPixmap &pixmap).

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