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Sick Tim 310

Posted: 16 Aug 2019, 08:10
by luberdis
Hi Coppelia

I try to use the Sick Tim 310. My challenge is first
1)Try to get the data output according to the instructions from V-rep to Matlab with remote Api. I follow all the instructions also in the forum but I get the message
' One of the function's argument type is not correct. (sim.setStringSignal)' .

I write at vrep

and at Matlab I can't find command vrep.simxunpackFloatTable

Please help me of course I use before command vrep.simxgetStringSignal

Re: Sick Tim 310

Posted: 19 Aug 2019, 05:36
by coppelia

when your sensor doesn't detect anything, then measuredData is an empty table, and data will be nil.

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    if not data then
On Matlab side, it is simxUnpackFloatTable (case sensitive).


Re: Sick Tim 310

Posted: 20 Aug 2019, 05:10
by luberdis
No appropriate method, property, or field 'simxUnpackFloatTable' for class

Could you please give me a clear example, I am running out of time.

I tried already command simxUnpackFloats and it doesn t give any output.

Let's go from the beginning.

We have a system like this

and I want an output of the form of something like this (not exactly like that of course) in matlab. (of course I am expecting an output in a form of table and then I will plot the data by myself)

But I am unable to get any data from this simple system and it is not the first time I use Vrep I have experience with other things I implemented on this.

Now it seems that the instructions on the child script are pointless and even the the commands you suggest don t exist.

It would be useful for all of us to be serious and do ourselves a favor of saving time and give a working example somewhere as a documentation. I believe that it works.

So what is the point to give one line answers or spending more time writing in forum and don 't give instead an example of the simplest case as this one.

The forum is useful when you want to intervene more advanced but it CANNOT REPLACE A PROPER DOCUMENTATION.

It is a pity such a nice tool lacking a proper well organized documentation creating so much burden for both users and Coppelia team the same time.

Kind regards

A creative suggestive comment for improvement :).

Re: Sick Tim 310

Posted: 21 Aug 2019, 15:36
by coppelia
What a tone for someone who is using the software freely and expecting free support and examples and so on!
Unless you are a paying customer who also gets email support, you are in no position to demand anything.
If a question is within a small scope, and is not linked with an algorithm of any kind, we try our best. But even then, we need to handle many other more important tasks, and expect users to try their best, and also provide minimalistic self-contained scenes that illustrate their problem, instead of expecting us to write examples for them.