an error

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an error

Post by Sophia »

in c client:

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int in[2];
int cnt = 1;
int *state=new int[1];
simxGetObjectHandle(clientID, "lc", &lc, simx_opmode_blocking);
in[0] = lc;
in[1] = sim_handle_all;
int res = simxCallScriptFunction(clientID, "Car", 1, "sim.checkCollision",2,in,0,NULL,0,NULL,0,NULL,&cnt,&state, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, simx_opmode_blocking);
when i run it ,v-rep show the error:
Lua runtime error: [string "CHILD SCRIPT Car"]:-1: One of the function's argument type is not correct. (sim.checkCollision)
so what argument i used in the function simxCallScriptFunction is wrong?

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Re: an error

Post by coppelia »

You also need to show us your lua function where the error occurs...


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