Attach a robotic arm on top of a table

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Attach a robotic arm on top of a table

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I am trying to create a scene containing a robotic arm on top of a table. First I import the robotic manipulator (UR3) and then the table. After that I place the arm on top of the table and then I group them by (Edit->Grouping/Merging->Group selected shapes). However, when I am running the simulation, the resulted motion is very jerky. Do you know what I am missing in the scene setup? Thanks in advance and let me know if you need any additional information.

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Re: Attach a robotic arm on top of a table

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you cannot group two models. You can only group two shapes. If you want your robot to be static on the table, you could simply set the base of the robot model as static. But if your robot is for instance attached to a mobile platform, then you will have to attach the robot to the platform base object via a force sensor in-between. Make sure to set or keep the base of your robot as dynamic.

Have a look at how you can attach for instance robot models/robots/non-mobile/KUKA LBR4+.ttm to the mobile platform models/robots/mobile/KUKA Omnirob.ttm (on that mobile platform you have two red dots... those are the force/torque sensors you should attach the robot to).


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