Sawyer Pick and Place

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Sawyer Pick and Place

Post by raamasgh » 03 Feb 2020, 13:18

Good morning, I'm very new to CoppeliaSim.

I'm using it to simulate Sawyer picking and placing a small object (cube), and controlling it with python PyRep library.

However, when I created my scene, attached in this link ... _7JOkjN4mD
and tried running my program which finds the path to the cube, the robot reaches the cube in a very weird way (not the usual behaviour of Sawyer) this is an illustrative video ( ... JK3wepTzrk)

So, my questions are:
1. How can I generate the correct path from the robot to the cube?
2. Is there a way to change the background colour?


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Re: Sawyer Pick and Place

Post by coppelia » 04 Feb 2020, 06:51


about your questions:

you can change the background color in the environment dialog. If you are using the OpenGL3 plugin for rendering, then the backgroud color is taken from the fog color (you might have to temporarily enable fog, adjust your color, then disable fog again).

About the robot movement: if appears that the path planning is using an end-effector frame that sits in the wrist, and not in-between the fingers of the gripper. So you may have to move that frame (probably a dummy object) further to the front and maybe also adjust its orientation.


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