Update Problem Concerning getContactInfo

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Update Problem Concerning getContactInfo

Post by jzhang » 26 Mar 2020, 13:39


I've realized the communication of Contacts information between Vrep and Matlab and it works pretty well (For instance, during the falling down of a convex shape to the floor, Vrep tells me well if any contact occurs or not and how many) . And the code is realized in the synchronous mode.

However, if i change the initial pose of the same shape and repeat the falling down simulation right after the first falling down process, the contact points aren't updated so my Matlab function decides not to step the simulation.

This is quite confusing. Anyone could tell me what's going wrong?


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Re: Update Problem Concerning getContactInfo

Post by coppelia » 30 Mar 2020, 09:55


my guess is that your contact points are stored somewhere, maybe inside of a signal? How do you transmit the information to Matlab? Do you stream data? Do you end data streaming at the end of a simulation? (i.e. with the simx_opmode_discontinue operation mode in case of the legacy remote API)


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