Deformable Terrain in CoppeliaSim? (Vortex Engine)

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Deformable Terrain in CoppeliaSim? (Vortex Engine)

Post by samuelong »

Hi guys!

I am hoping to simulate robotics vehicles on Deformable Terrain in CoppeliaSim but I can't seem to find any information regarding this. Does anybody know whether this is possible? e.g. having wheel slip, side slip, bulldozing forces etc.

Vortex Engine (by CM-Labs) seems to be able to simulate deformable terrain, thus I was wondering if I would be able to obtain the terrain through using Vortex Engine as the physics engine. I have the EDU licensed of Vortex installed on my computer, but I couldn't find any option in CoppeliaSim that allows me set a deformable terrain.

Hope that someone could provide some advice on this! Thanks in advance!


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Re: Deformable Terrain in CoppeliaSim? (Vortex Engine)

Post by coppelia »

Hello Samuel,

CoppeliaSim unfortunately doesn't implement that functionality from the Vortex engine. So this is currently not possible to have a deformable terrain.


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Re: Deformable Terrain in CoppeliaSim? (Vortex Engine)

Post by virally »

is there a workaround? dynamically modify the mesh upon some event

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Re: Deformable Terrain in CoppeliaSim? (Vortex Engine)

Post by fferri »

If you can subdivide your terrain in patches, and can approximate every patch with a simple object (cuboid, sphere) which is dynamically enabled...

You can move dynamically enabled objects by directly applying forces/torques, or by attaching them to joints and moving the joint.

This approach would work in every physics engine.

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