Remote API and Multiple Scenes

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Remote API and Multiple Scenes

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I'm trying to run multiple simulation scenes simultaneously. I see in remoteApiConnections.txt I can open multiple server services, I have tested this and can successfully connect to and send commands to each of the defined ports from my client software. I had assumed each service represented its own simulation instance.
However, with the results I'm getting, it appears that there is still only one simulation scene loaded, and each connection is interacting with it. Is this assessment correct, and is the only way to run multiple scenes simultaneously to open multiple entire instances of CoppeliaSim?

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Re: Remote API and Multiple Scenes

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yes, you are correct: if you want to run several scenes simulataneously, then you will have to run several instances of CoppeliaSim. In that case, in order to communicate with each individual instances there are several mechanisms possible. But in case of the legacy remote API, you can start each instance with the -g command line option (there are other ways with the legacy remote API too, e.g. via additional add-on scripts, etc.).


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