Alternative to ROS for communication

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Alternative to ROS for communication

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Up till now, we used ROS for communication purposes. We think to replace it, but We have no idea what is best. We need:

- 2 way communication, which can be initialised by both sides
- Well defined messages
- Communication should be possible between VREP and external programs (in CPP and Python) and between external programs without VREP

Pipes and socket are too raw, they need higher a protocol to be implemented.
B0 can send only strings without standard messages.
B0 Remote API works only as a server, VREP can't initiate communication.

What is the best solution to do?

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Re: Alternative to ROS for communication

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you can still use BlueZero: you are free to implement any serialization format on top of that: json, messagePack, cbor, etc. BlueZero itself will only send/receive a std::string (which is the same as a random binary buffer).


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