Ghost quadricopter

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Ghost quadricopter

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I want to make four different quadricopters follow four different paths but I also want that two of them could go through every object in the scene (cuboids, other quadricopters, the wind detached by the other quadircopters, etc). I want that two quadricopters only to draw the path they are following, but I dont know how to make them act like ''ghosts''. Is it possible?

thanks in advance

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Re: Ghost quadricopter

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you should do this by modifying the respondable flags of the model's objects. If you clear the global respondable flags, then the model will not react to collision with any other object in the scene.
Particles should be handled separately, but they also have those respondable flags (you can modify this in the various scripts attached to the model)
The quadcopter model in next release will be greatly simplified, with a single script in charge of the whole quadcopter. You can find updated models here (but be aware that some might require features of next release)


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