need help with sim.generateikpath

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need help with sim.generateikpath

Post by georgeyhere »

I'm working on a 4-dof manipulator and I'm trying to use sim.generateIkPath to perform a short linear motion to a dummy, but it keeps returning a singular value instead of a table of configurations.

print(path) returns '0.015674195407679' .

All joints are in torque/force mode, path planning via OMPL works, just not sim.generateIkPath. Any help would be really appreciated! ... sp=sharing

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Re: need help with sim.generateikpath

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the function doesn't return that, since it is never called. You are printing velCorrectionFactor.
We recommend to move to CoppeliaSim V4.2.0+, then you will be able to handle all kinematic tasks programmatically and you'll be much more flexible. Also, all IK functions will then be grouped under the simIK namespace.


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