end-effector position calculated by matlab

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end-effector position calculated by matlab

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Respected Sir,
The project I did was related to UR5 manipulator, and I used Matlab to interconnect with VREP. I set the base frame of UR5 in VREP as [0 0 0], and the joint was consistent with that of MATLAB. However, the end-effector position of UR5 calculated by MATLAB robotics toolbox was different from the result of VREP simulation. How to set it in vrep so that the end-effector position is consistent with Matlab robotics toolbox?
Thank you in advance.

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Re: end-effector position calculated by matlab

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make sure that links have the same dimensions, or that you are using similar frames. e.g. in CoppeliaSim, if you place the robot at (0,0,0), you'll see that the base of the robot will enter the floor. To avoid this, you could add a dummy at the base of the robot, then place the robot by placing the dummy instead.

Same for the end-effector: make sur you use the same end-effector point as in Matlab or vice-versa. All following transformations should be same: base-joint1-joint2-joint3-joint4-joint5-joint6-endEffector

But it is difficult to guess what you do exactly.


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