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Coppeliasim 4.1 Customized Table Configuration

Posted: 21 Jun 2021, 18:01
by zhy149

Can the scroll bar appear again for the Customized Table after the initialization? It seems I can't find this scroll bar later. Another issue is that is it possible to lower the height of the customized table lower than 0.41 and so for the width and height. I used Coppelia 4.2 which doesn't have such a scroll bar but with the customized script, and the height can be lower than 0.41.
Thank you!

Re: Coppeliasim 4.1 Customized Table Configuration

Posted: 22 Jun 2021, 05:19
by coppelia

a table, typically, does not need to be constantly resized or adjusted. Typically it is static. For that reason the new customizable table does not offer a GUI. It however still allows you to modify the dimensions of the table, by editing a few values in the customization script, then resetting the script.
You can however easily add a custom UI yourself if needed. Have also a look at some of the other models offering a custom GUI.