How to send PointCloud data to ROS

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Hrithik Verma
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How to send PointCloud data to ROS

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Actually I extracted data from camera x,y,z and I want to send it "sensor_msgs/PointCloud" ros message but there is some error which I'm not able to solve.

code to send data to ros topic:

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local msg ={
                             header={ stamp=simROS.getTime(), frame_id='a',
                             points={x=p[1], y=p[2] ,z=p[3]};
for sure there is some error in this


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57: read__sensor_msgs__PointCloud: field points: read__geometry_msgs__Point32: expected a table (in function 'simROS.publish@simExtROS')
    stack traceback:
        [C]: in function 'simROS.publish'
        [string "Vision_sensor@childScript"]:57: in function 'sysCall_vision'

for reference check this scene: ... sp=sharing

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Re: How to send PointCloud data to ROS

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Field points is an array. Your message should be something like:

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local msg={
      points={{x=p[1], y=p[2] ,z=p[3]}}

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