Robot movement - joints

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Robot movement - joints

Post by kurthybela » 18 May 2013, 02:19

Hello! I want to move robot with remote API. If i set joints to wheels with appropriate options in vrep, the object have to move automatically? (and control the robot with using simxSetJointTargetVelocity)
Or I have to use simxSetObjectposition in loops? (i think in this case the joints are unnecessary.)

I want to ask it because I added joints to the robot, the weels are rotating, but the object doesn't move.

Can I use path planning functionality with matlab? Add destination in vrep and set robot's velocity and orientation in matlab. Is it possible?

thank You!


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Re: Robot movement - joints

Post by coppelia » 18 May 2013, 23:36


Set the joint target velocity with simxSetJointTargetVelocity.
If your set-up is wrong, then it will not work. Make sure you follow all the dynamic design considerations. Make sure the joint is in force/torque mode, the motor is enabled, the torque/force high enough, and the position control disabled.

Typically, you sholuld have:

--> joint1 --> wheel1
--> joint2 --> wheel2

RobotBody should be a non-static shape.
wheel1 and wheel2 should be non-static and respondable.

Make sure you try and follow the BubbleRob tutorial.

You can use the path planning with matlab. You can set the target position/orientation from matlab, trigger a calculation, then trigger the movement. You will have to combine the remote API client with one or several child scripts.



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