Generate IK path does not work.

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Generate IK path does not work.

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Our company is using v-rep to control a four link robotic arm. For now, to keep things simple, the arm can only move in the xz plane. We have been able to get OMPL based motion planning to work, and sim.getConfigForTipPose works, however, we are unable to get sim.generateIkPath to work to move the arm from point a to point b. I have atached the scene here :

Any suggestions will help.

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Re: Generate IK path does not work.

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your construction is kind of funny, e.g.:
  • joints operate in hybrid mode
  • links are respondable, but not dynamic
  • Ik element: constraints are relative to testTarget2. Better to set Same as base
But the reason why the sim.generateIkPath doesn't produce any result is because your linear precision is too small (in IK element)


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