SAR Quadcopter

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SAR Quadcopter

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I'm planning to simulate a search-and-rescue quadcopter simulation. Currently I have a self-made quadcopter basic model:

Generally, the swarms would be deployed into an area for sweeping (with other objects) and then scouts for any human models. Once 1 swarm detects, the other units will converge if they area available.

My currrent overseeing process would be:
1)Attaching a camera below the body base. (Live feed)
2)Using human models from VREP to be detected and followed by the swarm.
3)Path planning/Programmed to move at a certain area sweep.

My question is that would it be
1)Is it possible to program the quadcopter to sweep an area without path planning, but from the script programming?
2)If attaching a camera, aside from colour density detection, which other detection factor's more advisable? (Shape detection, movement detection etc.. for human models)

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Re: SAR Quadcopter

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you can implement any type of algorithm in a child script, also your own path planning.
If you use a vision sensor, you can detect for color, blobs, etc. Here again, you can write your own algorithm that will inspec an image and perform detection.


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