How to import joint position?

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How to import joint position?

Post by Fraroscia96 » 18 May 2018, 15:22

Hi, i'm new in this forum and with v-rep.
I have implemented on matlab/simulink a controller for a 6R robot and now i want to visulize the motion. In different files, I saved end-effector pose, joint position, and joint velocity. Can someone help me to import these data in v-rep?
I wrote a script using I/O methods (open and read), but it doesn't work (the model moves in a strange mode for few seconds, and a warning about function print() is shown). Thanks

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Re: How to import joint position?

Post by coppelia » 24 May 2018, 11:51


you need to identify what is not working. Is it the file reading? Is it the application of the joint angles to the joints? What is the warning of the print?


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