Pioneer p3dx sensors gap

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Pioneer p3dx sensors gap

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Hello Coppelia,

I have been using the mobile robot Pioneer p3-dx, however when making the sensors visible I notice a gap between sensors (7 and 8) and (1 and 2) for the frontal sensors. I checked the robot's datasheet and noticed that the angles in which the sensors are placed on the actual robot are the same as the ones in V-rep, yet the datasheet says the sensors have a 360 degrees sensing platform.

I apologize in advance, if this isn't the right place to ask this question, I couldn't think or find any other place in which I could ask this.

Thank you in advance,

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Re: Pioneer p3dx sensors gap

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not sure about the datasheet. But having a 360 degrees sensing area doesn't mean the sensors need to be evenly spaced. The same gap is also present for the rear of the robot, and makes sense when looking at the robot's flat geometry on the side.


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