Change Link Inertia Matrix

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Change Link Inertia Matrix

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Hello CoppeliaSim Community,

I'm trying to change the inertia matrix and the CoM's position of the links of a robot in CoppeliaSim.
I have the values that I want to assign to each link relative to the absolute frame, but as soon as I insert the values in the form and click OK, the inertia matrix that I inserted changes, while the CoM's position remains as desired.

Why is this happening? How can I change the values of the inertia matrix in a custom way?

Thank you very much,

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Re: Change Link Inertia Matrix

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what is happening is following: each inertia matrix can be represented as a diagonal matrix in a different rotational reference frame, where the diagonal elements represent the principal moments of inertia. This is happening in your case, but the inertia matrix is still the same.


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